Makulu linux

One of the latest Linux I have check out is Makulu Linux. I have to say, I really didn’t think any Linux OS out there would beat Linux Mint according too ease of use. Makulu is very easy to use and an absolutely beautiful OS.
It is set up just like Window 7. So it shouldn’t be too hard to learn you way around this OS. The maker of the OS does ask that you make a small donation if you like but it is free to download and install. I personally feel a small donation is with in line because I personally have never seen the work go into a Linux OS that has gone into this one.
I have included a few snap shots of the desk top to give you a feel, for what you will get if you download this and try it out.. This is the Aero edition so it doesn’t use much resources and able to run on any computer from old to new, from net-books to notebooks, desktops to server stations.. You will find Makulu Sleek, Smooth and Stable. All software and codec’s comes pre installed on Makulu OS, alone with wine to run your window program and steam to play games. Much more can be said about this OS but I highly recommend you to  download Makulu OS and give it a try.                    makulu2

Download link:

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