Since Window XP users will lose all support here soon, I was sent this Linux Distribution called “R4W” Which is suppose to be a replacement for Window xp users. There will be some Linux users that are more familiar with Linux and may disagree with me on my assessment. I write my review as a window uses not a Linux user. With that being said let get into the R4W.
I almost did not write a review on this. If you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all but this is the worst operating system I have ever tried in Linux. I could not even put a short cut on the desktop with out looking up how to do it. Even then it was hard to do.

The R4W however was laid out where a window users could recognize what things where and where they were located. It lay out of the Desktop is the best thing about This Distro but That’s were the good things stop. The R4W is hard to install for a window user, who are use to  just putting in a Disk and following direction.  This is a must for a linux OS, that so intents on bringing windows users to over to try Linux OS.  Hey R4W, if they can’t install it, they can’t try it out.

One good thing about the R4W is that it isn’t a free download.  Yes this is a GOOD thing.  This will only drive Customer away from Linux and Linux is really a very good system.  R4W can only purchase through a linux Distro.

The R4W (Don’t have any ideal where they came up with that name) In my opinion is not a choice for window users to try Linux. If this is the first Distro you try then you will never leave Windows. It is still our suggestion that if you are a first time Linux user to try Linux Mint 16. IT is by far the easiest Linux OS out there.

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