Linux Lite

Today, an SEO Agency introduced me to Linux Lite. We have be testing this OS for 2 weeks and I am very impressed with it.  We don’t recommend any lite weight Linux because they are too confusing or hard for the average Window user.  Plus they are limited to what they can do.  We have recommend Lubuntu which is lite weight and now we would like for you to consider Linux Lite.

Linux Lite is free for everyone to use and share, and is suitable for people who are new to Linux or for people who want a lite weight environment that is also fully functional. Linux Lite is also great for reviving that old laptop or desktop you gave up on a few years back.  We tried linux lite on a newer computer and an older laptop that barely ran windows XP.  It’s performance will amaze you.  We change out the office program that came with Linux Lite and replaced it with a fuller more comprehensible office suite. It is also the first linux that had a program that would install our video drivers for us and work.

The goal of Linux Lite is to introduce Windows users to an intuitively simple, alternative operating system. Linux Lite is a showcase for just how easy it can be to use linux. From familiar software like Firefox and Thunderbird, to simply named menu items, to one click updates and software installs we think you will find Linux Lite an enjoyable computing experience. Click the download link below to give it a try.


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