Solus OS 2

Solus OS 2 is a promiseing operating system.  We have been testing the beta that is being work on and will withhold full judgement until we see where this OS end up.

Solus OS 2 comes with the 3.11 kernel using LZ4 compression, Xfce 4.10, Thunar 1.6.3, Firefox 24.0b9,  glibc 2.17, GLib 2.37.3, and many other goodies. We’ve completely changed the artwork to be more in tune with the SolusOS look.

What I really like about the Solus OS was they claim that it would be built from scratch.  I have always thought this was a good ideal.  Make your OS be what you want it to be and not a carbon copy of someone else works.  However it appears as of right now it is base on Ubuntu 3.10.  I guess this could change but we will have to wait and see.

With that said I do like the program that come with SolusOS.  They are starting to get closer to programs that we use in Windows everyday and therefore a person coming from windows to SolusOS has an ideal what each program will do.  for example if you want on the internet, you know that firefox is the program that will do that.  Another plus is that it can detect your drivers and install them with one click of the mouse.

Solus OS is not ready for the public yet, plus it is not a OS we recommend to start using after switching from windows but you can try out the beta if you feel lucky.

Only in 32 bit


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