Makulu linux

One of the latest Linux I have check out is Makulu Linux. I have to say, I really didn’t think any Linux OS out there would beat Linux Mint according too ease of use. Makulu is very easy to use and an absolutely beautiful OS.
It is set up just like Window 7. So it shouldn’t be too hard to learn you way around this OS. The maker of the OS does ask that you make a small donation if you like but it is free to download and install. I personally feel a small donation is with in line because I personally have never seen the work go into a Linux OS that has gone into this one.
I have included a few snap shots of the desk top to give you a feel, for what you will get if you download this and try it out.. This is the Aero edition so it doesn’t use much resources and able to run on any computer from old to new, from net-books to notebooks, desktops to server stations.. You will find Makulu Sleek, Smooth and Stable. All software and codec’s comes pre installed on Makulu OS, alone with wine to run your window program and steam to play games. Much more can be said about this OS but I highly recommend you to  download Makulu OS and give it a try.                    makulu2

Download link:

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Since Window XP users will lose all support here soon, I was sent this Linux Distribution called “R4W” Which is suppose to be a replacement for Window xp users. There will be some Linux users that are more familiar with Linux and may disagree with me on my assessment. I write my review as a window uses not a Linux user. With that being said let get into the R4W.
I almost did not write a review on this. If you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all but this is the worst operating system I have ever tried in Linux. I could not even put a short cut on the desktop with out looking up how to do it. Even then it was hard to do.

The R4W however was laid out where a window users could recognize what things where and where they were located. It lay out of the Desktop is the best thing about This Distro but That’s were the good things stop. The R4W is hard to install for a window user, who are use to  just putting in a Disk and following direction.  This is a must for a linux OS, that so intents on bringing windows users to over to try Linux OS.  Hey R4W, if they can’t install it, they can’t try it out.

One good thing about the R4W is that it isn’t a free download.  Yes this is a GOOD thing.  This will only drive Customer away from Linux and Linux is really a very good system.  R4W can only purchase through a linux Distro.

The R4W (Don’t have any ideal where they came up with that name) In my opinion is not a choice for window users to try Linux. If this is the first Distro you try then you will never leave Windows. It is still our suggestion that if you are a first time Linux user to try Linux Mint 16. IT is by far the easiest Linux OS out there.

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Linux Lite

Today, an SEO Agency introduced me to Linux Lite. We have be testing this OS for 2 weeks and I am very impressed with it.  We don’t recommend any lite weight Linux because they are too confusing or hard for the average Window user.  Plus they are limited to what they can do.  We have recommend Lubuntu which is lite weight and now we would like for you to consider Linux Lite.

Linux Lite is free for everyone to use and share, and is suitable for people who are new to Linux or for people who want a lite weight environment that is also fully functional. Linux Lite is also great for reviving that old laptop or desktop you gave up on a few years back.  We tried linux lite on a newer computer and an older laptop that barely ran windows XP.  It’s performance will amaze you.  We change out the office program that came with Linux Lite and replaced it with a fuller more comprehensible office suite. It is also the first linux that had a program that would install our video drivers for us and work.

The goal of Linux Lite is to introduce Windows users to an intuitively simple, alternative operating system. Linux Lite is a showcase for just how easy it can be to use linux. From familiar software like Firefox and Thunderbird, to simply named menu items, to one click updates and software installs we think you will find Linux Lite an enjoyable computing experience. Click the download link below to give it a try.


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Lubuntu 13.10

One of the great thing about Linux compared to Windows.  Is adaptability.  Let say you have a older computer that is running window ME.  You can’t use that operating system any more because it is out dated and none of the internet browser will work on it.  You can’t put windows 7 or windows 8 on it because it doesn’t have the resources to run those Windows OS.  However, there are Linux OS out there that will run on it.  One such OS is “Lubuntu”

Lubuntu focus on speed and energy-efficiency. Because of this, Lubuntu has very low hardware requirements. and all the modern browser will work plus you can install and office suites so you can continue to use that older computer.  We check out Lubuntu on an older computer and a new computer.  While it did run faster on the newer computer it was useable on the older one. Unlike with Microsoft you just about have to run out and buy a new computer when they come out with a new OS but not with Linux.

Lubuntu is a fast and lightweight operating system. You can burn Lubuntu to a CD and try it out before you install it if you like.  It may not run very fast on the cd but once you install it on the Hard drive you will see improvement. We did find that Lubuntu work perfect on Laptops with it low resources.

lubuntu x86 CD
lubuntu 64-bit CD


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Solus OS 2

Solus OS 2 is a promiseing operating system.  We have been testing the beta that is being work on and will withhold full judgement until we see where this OS end up.

Solus OS 2 comes with the 3.11 kernel using LZ4 compression, Xfce 4.10, Thunar 1.6.3, Firefox 24.0b9,  glibc 2.17, GLib 2.37.3, and many other goodies. We’ve completely changed the artwork to be more in tune with the SolusOS look.

What I really like about the Solus OS was they claim that it would be built from scratch.  I have always thought this was a good ideal.  Make your OS be what you want it to be and not a carbon copy of someone else works.  However it appears as of right now it is base on Ubuntu 3.10.  I guess this could change but we will have to wait and see.

With that said I do like the program that come with SolusOS.  They are starting to get closer to programs that we use in Windows everyday and therefore a person coming from windows to SolusOS has an ideal what each program will do.  for example if you want on the internet, you know that firefox is the program that will do that.  Another plus is that it can detect your drivers and install them with one click of the mouse.

Solus OS is not ready for the public yet, plus it is not a OS we recommend to start using after switching from windows but you can try out the beta if you feel lucky.

Only in 32 bit


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Linux mint 15

The final version of for Linux Mint 15 has been launched and the Cinnamon version has made quite an impression.According to the developers, Linux Mint 15 “Olivia” is the most ambitious project so far and they are aiming to incorporate a lot of new features. We can not list all the new features here but you can go to the main site and read for yourself or you can download it and give it a try.

The Cinnamon desktop environment has been improved considerably.

A new tool called MintSources, aka “Software Sources”, was developed from scratch with derivative distributions in mind. It replaces software-properties-gtk and is perfectly adapted to managing software sources in Linux Mint.

From the main screen you can easily enable or disable optional components and gain access to backports, unstable packages and source code.

Another tool was developed for Linux Mint 15: Mint Drivers, the “Driver Manager”. This is a big help for those who have problem with drivers in Linux.

The “Driver Manager” is an independent application, separate from “Software Sources” and which you can launch straight from the menu.
Drivers are listed by package name, and their version are clearly stated (in the case of the nVidia drivers you can therefore choose according to a particular version instead of wondering what “current” or “updates” really mean).
Devices from popular brands (nVidia, ATI, Broadcom, Samsung…) are illustrated with an icon.

• The Nemo file manager has been heavily modified and now it integrates better with Cinnamon;
• Users can now add Desklets to the Desktop
• A new screensaver has been added;
• All configuration modules are now present in Cinnamon Settings;
• Cinnamon no longer use gnome-session for fallback.

All in All Mint 15 is almost perfect. We did find that on some of the older laptops the system would hang and not shut down. Outside that everything seem to be flawless. If you haven’t tried or made the switch to Linux yet, this version will be the easiest to make that transition. We encourage you to give it a try.


Cinnamon  32bits   64bits

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Reason to drop windows

Update: We needed to update the article below: Since android is also Linux and is used on a lot of smart phone in the USA. We have discovered that The NSA is quietly writing code for Google’s Android OS.” Everyone should be made aware that anything associated with Google is shared with the Government. That would also include Google OS that come on some laptop, Google browser or anything associated with Google is not private. At this point we have found the best Linux in ease of use and privacy, is Linux Mint.

We are testing some new version of Linux that have recently came out and we thought while we are doing that, we would give you another reason to try Linux, if you are a Window user.

The National Security Agency has backdoor access to all Windows software since the release of Windows 95, according to informed sources from guide by Carlson Knives, a development that follows the insistence by the agency and federal law enforcement & divorce attorney in Houston, TX.

Having such “keys” is essential for the export of any encryption under U.S. export control laws.

The NSA plays a prominent role in deliberations over whether such products can be exported. It routinely turns down any requests above a megabyte level that exceeds NSA’s technical capacity to decrypt it. That’s been the standard for years for NSA, as well as the departments of Defense, Commerce and State.

Computer security specialists say the Windows software driver used for security and encryption functions contains unusual features the give NSA the backdoor access. You can find cheap microsoft windows everywhere online now.

he security specialists have identified the driver as ADVAPI.DLL. It enables and controls a variety of security functions. The specialists say that in Windows, it is located at C:\\Windows\system.

Specialist Nicko van Someren says the driver contains two different keys. One was used by Microsoft to control cryptographic functions in Windows while another initially remained a mystery.

Then, two weeks ago, a U.S. security firm concluded that the second key belonged to NSA. Analysis of the driver revealed that one was labeled KEY while the other was labeled NSAKEY, according to sources. The NSA key apparently had been built into the software by Microsoft, which Microsoft sources don’t deny.

Linux provides NSA no such access to your computer. So be careful out there and try a Linux OS. Once you have thrown away Windows you will never look back.

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